Move. Connect. Play.

Want to learn how to improve your health & fitness, build community, and make yourself and others feel GOOD? 




AcroYoga is a beautiful practice that combines the fitness + play of acrobatics, the healing + movement of therapeutics, the balance + connection of yoga.


The magic of the arts of Thai Yoga Massage & Flying Therapeutics lies in ability to create space in the body using loving-kindess in the quality of presence & touch.


Often described as "The Gentle Art", Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an intricate system of movements using leverage to manipulate the human body, and a great tool for self-defense.


Movement connects us all as human beings ~

From our ancestral origins as nomadic foragers, to our children who are born inherently inquisitive movers–we are meant to move.  Yet in this modern age, we have forgotten how to move.  Our creativity and sense of play has been tamed and we’re lost in our digital devices.

AcroYoga is simply a tool that shows us how to connect, move, and play, just as nature always intended.  My personal mission is to help people reconnect with, and tap into, that incredible sense of play that we all still have inside.



AcroYoga International + Sunshine House Thai Yoga Massage